I’m all for challenges and pushing my moderate boundaries, but after a failed attempt at a 8 week no-excuses vow to myself I have to ask the question – where is the line?

As much as I detest us shoulding all over ourselves, where should we draw the line? I noticed that in an attempt to knuckle down, get stuff done and reap the rewarding feeling of accomplishment, the hours that incorporated my days became a test. Every minute was like sitting in an exam.

How can I spend this hour better?

How can I reframe from eating that?

What can I have instead of this?

It is universally accepted that our complex yet primal beings divide our resources between three areas: Mental, Emotional and Physical; and at the end of the day, there is only so much to go around. So if we deplete our resources in one area, it results in a deficiency in another and vice versa. 3 weeks in to my no-excuses vow I was pissed. Every single choice that I was making had turned in a complex pro and con debate that was simply exhausting, boring and to be totally honest, neurotic. Is this why we are here? The secrets to long living from the most mature people on the planet do not include work as hard as you can, analysis every eating decision you make, and for the love of God don’t have any relaxation or chill out time. No, they suggest that we laugh and smile more, spend money on experiences not things, and look on the brighter side of life.

For a total type A personality who is slightly obsessed with ‘getting things done’, I am going to try this motto on for size for a while. If we live our lives as close to the good nature that is within all of us and add a bit of Peter Pan magic, being an adult might just be more fun than we give it credit for..


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