Square peg, round hole

Aren’t we all?  Behind the (fake not so fake) smile is the inability to show our true genuine self. We ‘should’ be happy. We ‘should’ be accommodating. We ‘should’ be supportative. But behind all these ‘shoulds’ are the very visible holes in our not completely honest demeanor. I support the stance that it’s okay to be pissed off when the time comes, just as much as it perfectly healthy to be happy and celebrate when the joyful times come.

But why be full of commiseration? Life is too short for that negative bull. If we bring as much genuine passion to the good times as we do to the bad, then the law of equilibrium will win, “it’ll be okay in the end”, and surprise, it might even be better than what we think..

As we spend even more time behind our screens and less time in real life situations where there is the potential for real* connection, which at the end of the day is the actual reason of why we are here; I question that if we absorb life like play doh and morph into the game that it is, without the stigma and expectation, how much happier are we destined to be?

* Happy, passionate, sad, joyful, sorrow, curious, determined, appreciative, supportive, 


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